Dear Residents,

Monticello's Premier Mobile Home Park and Sales

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Winter is upon us!  Since our Maintenance Staff has been going from home to home installing water meters, we are aware of homes that need to fix their heat tape, heat wrap, cords and other water issues.  Most all of these residents have been informed about what repairs are needed in your home.   If you have questions about your home in particular, you may contact the maintenance staff.  Remember, water issues, burst pipes, etc is a very costly and highly problematic issue in the water.  For after hours work on your home, you may call Todd 952-380-8890, Zach 763-248-5540 or Vincent 763-245-0748 (He speaks Spanish). 

Water Meter Billing:  We anticipate water billing to begin in December of January.  We are still finalizing the process of the billing.  Once we have concrete information to pass out to the Residents, we will send to you via a newsletter.  

Please check over your furnace.  Please change your furnace filter and clear any debris away from the furnace and your vents.  If your furnace needs servicing, you can call Custom Sheet Metal at 763-295-2229 or Cox Plumbing at 763-263-2731.

Outdoor Items-  Please stow away any and all outside items like lawn furniture, trampolines, toys and garden items.  Last winter the Residents did a great job with fall and winter storage and the lots looked great throughout the cold weather months.  Remember seasonal decor is always welcome.  Put out your Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and all other Winter holiday decor but please promptly put the decor away as the holidays end. 

Snow Plowing-  During snowfall, please remove your vehicles from the street.  It makes it very difficult to clear streets when cars are parked.  Please note: Vehicles not moved may be towed!!

Vehicle Storage- All boats and recreational vehicles should be properly stored by now.  No boats or RV's are allowed to be parked in your driveway or on the grass during the winter.  This greatly interferes with plowing.  Residents may use our outdoor storage facility for a monthly cost.  Please contact the office for those rates.  Sorry at this time we are not offering storage to those who do not live in the Park.  

Lawn Care-  Please continue to mow your yard as needed.  Please rake leaves and bag them.  Park Maintenance will pick up bags of leaves that are placed at the curb for no charge.  Please do NOT burn leaves as this is very dangerous.  

Tree Trimming-  Due to the many projects that Park Staff has had this summer, we are still doing tree trimming into the Fall.  Remember, you may go ahead and trim your own trees as your feel comfortable.  Please remember to be careful and exercise caution.  

Community Cats- Update:  The Park is still fighting the issue of too many feral cats.  Residents and members of the Animal Humane Society have been humanely trapping cats so the numbers are beginning to go down.  Please remember-  The number #1 thing we can do to stop this issue is to NOT feed the cats or operate feeding stations.  This interferes with the cats natural ability to hunt.  The cats become reliant on the feeding stations.  The humane thing to do is to not feed the cats and allow them to disperse.  Remember also, that cats will begin to seek out warm places to nest and unfortunately this can result in them going under your home.  Please check under your home for any nesting cats.  Repair any skirting holes so that the cats may not go underneath your home.  

Home Sales- If you would like to sell your home, please give us a call.  We can visit your home and run a valuation and make you an offer.  We are very flexible with move out dates as well.  Winter can still be a great time to sell mobile homes and we believe we can give good prices for your home.  Mobile homes are holding their value very well.   If you've been thinking about selling, give us a call.  Plus- little known fact- Kjellbergs also has a Real Estate company that can serve Single Family homes as well.  Contact Angie in the office with any questions!

Thanks so much to all of you!  We love our Residents!