Dear Residents,

Monticello's Premier Mobile Home Park and Sales

 It's Winter Time!

Please make certain that your heat tape is working all throughout the winter.  Many times heat tape has to be replaced even in the dead of winter.  

We are really having issues with cars parking on the street during snowfall.  PLEASE remember to move your cars when it snows.  It is extremely inconvenient for our plow trucks to plow around vehicles and we do not want to have to tow vehicles.  

Bus Stop: We would like to thank the Residents for helping improve the safety at our bus stops.  So far this winter, the kids are getting on and off the bus in much better conditions so we are very grateful to our Residents!


​​​​​Online Payment System:  The online payment system is an option for all Residents to pay their rent from home.  If you need the directions, please call or stop in the office and we will print them out for you. 

 CRPs have been mailed out for the year.  If you need any corrections made to your form, stop in and talk to Angie. 

Side Jobs:  Kjellbergs Inc has a full staff and some of them do work on the side.  If you need renovation, plumbing or heat tape work, you may certainly contact one of them.  Please remember Kjellbergs Inc.  is not responsible for their work, professionalism or etiquette during these visits. Contact Todd Goldenstein (952) 380-8890, Vincent Villacencio (763)245-0748 (se habla espanol)  or Zachary Haupers (763)248-5540. 

Community Cats and Dogs:  As Fall and Winter approach, we ask that residents are vigilant about animal control.  Please remember-  The number #1 thing we can do to stop this issue is to NOT feed the cats or operate feeding stations.  This interferes with a cat's natural ability to hunt.  The cats become reliant on the feeding stations.  The humane thing to do is not to feed the cats and to allow them to disperse.  Remember also, that cats will begin to seek out warm places to nest and unfortunately this can result in them going under your home.  Please check under your home for any nesting cats.  Repair any skirting holes so that the cats may not go underneath your home.  We also have been having many issues with dogs that are off leash.  Dogs must be on leash and supervised.  Dogs that are not supervised are a danger to themselves and other Park residents and animals.  The Park is strictly enforcing penalties on pet violations.  

Wild Cats and Dogs:  Kjellbergs Park sits on the edge of large fields and we frequently get calls about wild cats such as cougars and bobcats and wild dogs such as coyotes and wolves.  Many of these wild animals are attracted by cat feeding stations and outdoor feeding of birds, cats, dogs and rabbits.  Wild cats and dogs can be easily scared off but if you feel threatened, contact the police or the Humane Society.  

Home Sales- If you would like to sell your home, please give us a call.  We can visit your home and run a valuation and make you an offer.  We are very flexible with move out dates as well.  Winter can still be a great time to sell mobile homes and we believe we can give good prices for your home.  Mobile homes are holding their value very well.   If you've been thinking about selling, give us a call.  Plus- little known fact- Kjellbergs also has a Real Estate company that can serve Single Family homes as well.  Contact Angie in the office with any questions!

Thanks so much to all of you!  We love our Residents!