Monticello's Premier Mobile Home Park and Sales

Dear Residents,

Happy Summer!

We hope your enjoying this hot summer!  Please discard of any garbage and put away any storage items.  If you have large items to dispose of, call the offices at 763-295-2931 and we can check to see what the disposal charges will be.  Please remember that we will charge the standard rate that our Disposal company charges us.  Park maintenance will be checking lots very intensely in the coming weeks to make sure everything is looking very nice.  Kjellbergs Mobile Home Park is subject to the laws of the City of Monticello, the State of Minnesota and also the Department of Health.  The Department of Health frequently makes trips through the Park. 

Air Conditioning- For optimum air conditioner efficiency, make sure to clear any weeds, grass and debris from around your A/C.  During these hot days, keep draperies and blinds closed with lights off to keep your home cool.  If you have window units, be sure to keep the rest of the electric usage in the home at a minimum.  

Parking- Please make sure that you do not park on the grass.  Parking on the grass produces large ruts which can be very difficult to repair and damage to the sod.  All cars must have legal tabs and be in working order.  If you need to have a car towed away, please take care of as soon as possible.  

Lawn Care- We want to keep all of our lots and lawns looking their best.  If you would like your lawn aerated or raked, please contact Jack 763-412-8145.  Also please pick up loose sticks and twigs.  A little effort really pays off!  Please make sure you take care of your mowing and trimming in a timely manner so the Park looks it's best!

Tree Trimming- We are currently compiling lists of homes that need tree trimming.  You can trim any limbs that you can access but for higher up branches or more extensive trimming, give us a call.

Street Paving- We are also going to be doing paving on areas of need in the Park.  We do have an extensive list but your certainly welcome to call and put your home on the list. 

Community Cats- The Park is experiencing an issue with an explosion of outdoor/feral cats.  The number #1 thing we can do to stop this issue is to NOT feed the cats or operate feeding stations.  This interferes with the cats natural ability to hunt.  The cats become reliant on the feeding stations.  The humane thing to do is to not feed the cats and allow them to disperse.  

Home Sales- If you would like to sell your home, please give us a call.  We can visit your home and run a valuation and make you an offer.  We are very flexible with move out dates as well.  Spring is a great time to sell mobile homes and we believe we can give good prices for your home.  If you've been thinking about selling, give us a call.  Plus- little known fact- Kjellbergs also has a Real Estate company that can serve Single Family homes as well.  Contact Angie in the office with any questions!

Thanks so much to all of you!  We love our Residents!