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Please call and check frequently on what homes we have available for sale!  We do sell homes in multiple local mobile home Parks.  As soon as they are available for sale, we post them. Thank you!

All listings are based on Federal NADA guidelines.  

Usual downpayment required by the bank is 20% of the sale price.  Credit Unions require lower Down Payment.  Interest rates based upon credit scores and individual circumstances that will be discussed. All homes must be paid for in full upon closing.  Outside financing must be obtained or home may be purchased in cash.  Please check with your lending institutions for lending options.  Kjellbergs MHP has a list of lenders where credit may possibly be obtained.  

Mobile Home Sales

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PENDING! #49 River Terrace $42,000

3BR/2BA home just moved into River Terrace Park.  New flooring, many updates, great layout.  All in a beautiful Park down by the River.  Home is being set up and should be completed in May.